Monday, May 9, 2011

Training Recap

May 2 - May 8

I was a bit off the plan last week and was not able to meet 10 hr training time. I have skipped the weekday run and bike and settled for a 24km run saturday, and a 70km ride sunday. Legs were a bit stiff after these back to back long workout but it was all worth it as I have build a quality workout.


I arrived in Nuvali Sta Rosa at 5:00am (saturday) and started to do my first 2.5km loop while waiting for Cherry and Egay to show up. As I complete my loop I already saw two runners who passed the starting area of our run and I figured that it was Cherry and Egay. I saw Rodney Supangco, also a GRC member and confirmed that it was the couple who went ahead. Rodney and I eventually catched up with the two. Plan was to complete a 24km run while Rodney had to go back at km 6 as he was geared to do a 12km run only. This was the longest run of Egay so far and he felt good about it. Some photos during the run

End or the road? well, we could have run the trail, but we were restricted not to proceed.

Nice shot! I wonder what these two were thinking?

Egay resting as he was about to head back finishing his longest run - 24km


Did the cycling workout last sunday. Met up with Junrox at 6am while Al Hebron catched up somewhere around 16km. We used the same route in Nuvali, and did our laps there. It was a good workout overall, a combination of climb and sprint. Completed a 70km ride at 23.1 kph.

Need to catch up on weekday workout. Let's see what happens.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Training Recap

April 25-May 1

Last week was a heavy workout in terms of mileage and training hours (at least an increase from the previous weeks). I skippd the Sunday long run as I felt leg fatigue nearing the end of the week. But I was happy that I managed to maintain a 6 day workout. Below is the summary of my workout last week.

Total Mileage logged

Run : 41km

Cycling : 130.51km

Total Distance : 171.51km

Total Training Hours: 9.28 hours

Monday - easy run

Tuesday - tempo ride

Wednesday - tempo run

Thursday - brick session (32km bike; 5km run)

Friday - easy long ride (endurance training)

Sunday - rest day

For this week, I'm looking forward for a 10 hour training workout.