Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone Running

My friends are now into running. Jay (my friend) was able to organize more members to join us in the runs. We have created our group and called it "Gone Running Club" (what do you think?). Our group's advocacy is Run Against Corruption. It all started in Condura Run (I guess, a lot started running again after that event), after that event, we joined other races and started inviting other friends to join us. Then after the mizuno run, Jay, Me, Noemi, and Allan were brainstorming on what name to use for our group and presented the list to the rest of the group. Everyone voted on their choices and ended up with "Gone Running".

This morning, the group scheduled an LSD. There were two groups, one running the 8km and 21km. The route were as follows;

8km - Paseo Sta Rosa - Nuvali - Paseo Sta Rosa
21km - Paseo Sta Rosa - Nuvali - Ayala Westgrove - La Salle - Paseo Sta Rosa.

Since i am not yet able to run due to my knee problem, i decided to support them instead by providing hydration at the Nuvali end point (for everyone), and at the guard house of our Village in SRV 2 (for those who ran the 21km). I was riding my bike and had my own route for my training as well. It was fun doing support since i get to motivate them to continue running. It feels good and am happy that everyone had a good run.

Here are some photos;

At Nuvali.. Group starting to break out according to pace.

Marvin and Jojo

Ronald getting stronger..

Jay and Val

Everybody.. if you are against corruption.. come join us..

Monday, June 22, 2009

All Terrain - Bike Race

I was not able to run during the Mens Health All Terrain (June 21) race since my knees were not ready for the high impact and considering that it was a trail run. I thought that i will be more prone to injury as i have not really trained for it. I was supposed to do the 10k run and the 45km ride, but i ended up joining the bike race.

Mhel (runner45), texted me the night before and advised that the bike route, which was supposed to be a 45km ride (3 laps) was trimmed down to 30km for beginners. He was trying to convince me to join the run and that he will pace with me, but i really had to decline as i am not physically and emotionally ready to do it. But i was more confident with the bike race as i was able to cross train.

As i reached sta elena, I saw the runners heading to the finish line, i was envious as i see that they were enjoying the run. Most of the 10k runners were already there lining up for the certificate and freebies. Met with my best friend Jay and the group who finished the run as well. Got some feedback on the trail as i was not able to do a trail trace prior to the event. We started preparing our bikes and did some final bike check routine There were a lot of participants for the bike race, saw some of the weekend riders in the Sta. Rosa Trails participating also in the event. As scheduled the race started at 9am.

However, to my surprise, the event organizer announced that the beginners distance was only 15km, they trimmed it down again and reduced to 1 lap. I did not bother at this point since it was my first race anyway so fine with me, and i know that the 45km or 30km is a very difficult task. As the gun start was fired, it took me 5 seconds before i can sprint since the riders in front of me were so slow in taking off, by the time i was ready to sprint, there were about 50 riders already in front of the pack. I can just feel the intensity of this race. I then rode in the inner lane and started overtaking before i reach the trail. It was intense, and everybody were really trying to overtake one another. It was crazy, when we first approached a short uphill, a rider stopped and went down on his bike to walk, everybody piled up and slowed down everyone. I and some other bikers managed to manuever and climb the uphill overtaking the rest. From this point, some of the riders have already lead the pack.. I was not sure how far I was from the lead, but i was with a pack of 10 riders with me. It was exciting, especially when you overtake a rider, its like a video game where you are trying to catch the lead.. But in this case, impossible as the lead is to far out.

The adrenalin rush was so high in this event, if you dont know how to pace yourself, you will end up going to the finish line exhaused or worst, not finishing the race. In the early stages of the race, i saw one rider who was already vomiting. It was a 15km ride but everybody seems to rush as if the finish line is just near. I was hearing the breathing of the rider in front of me and he was catching his breath, it was a sign for me to attack and get pass him. I was observing the riders and during a turn or an uphill, i try to make an attack. Oviously, those who managed to pace themselves and breath properly ended up strong at the finish line, while those who didnt were so exhausted approaching the finsih line.

Now this is were i got upset, obviously i was pacing myself, so that i end up strong in the finish line and manage to overtake at least 3 to 4 more riders in our pack. It was already 8km and obviously i am expecting another 7km more to finish. I tried to slow down a bit to recover, however, i was surprised that i only have 2km left to finish line. The route was cut, as i reached the finish line, it was only 10km, yes, they cut it to 10km. Apparently, a decision was made but not coordinate well. I even talked to one of the finishline organizers (Vince), but he had no idea why it was cut from 15km to 10km. Bottomline i guess time management was not really taken into consideration. Unless they have a time constraint with the use of the Sta Elena Trail, then there should be no problem with time. Also, it appears that the energy was spilled out to the running event only. I dont know the feedback of the runners yet on the race, but looking at how running race were organized were far better than this one. Maybe in the next event, they should either consider separating the bike and running events. Or better make it a dualthon event so that focus is given proper attention to the event. Well, that was just me, i hope to see a well organized bike race in the future.

Here are some photos from the event.

Zaldy still strong near the finish line.

Runner mhel, ubelievable strength, after running 10km, he just finished another 10km ride.

with runners, nice meeting you guys/gals!

Ed, Zaldy, Mhel de Leon, Mel Turalba, Lawin, and Me..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Being Positive

When was the last time that you missed an opportunity because you have doubted yourself whether you can or cannot do it. Are you now wondering what could have happened if you have at least tried and believed in yourself? Surely there was a moment that you doubted whether you can finish a 10k run, a half marathon, a full marathon, climbing a 10km uphill using your bike, or even taking a bigger responsibility in your work. And because you don’t have the confidence to do it, you let those precious opportunities pass.

Being a pessimist sometimes manifest in what you do or say without you noticing it. And at times it attracts negative vibes that affects your surroundings. You rarely smile, you are restless, stressed out, and always in a bad mood. You end up feeling sad, lonely, incompetent, and inefficient. There could have been an event were you have failed and that made you more insecure or doubtful of your capabilities. What is worst is that it gets in your head and you see yourself struggling to get out of that nightmare. It becomes a hindrance to your success. Picking yourself up from a fall is the only way to do and start all over again.

In most instances, you hear encouragement from among your friends, relatives, and people close to you. At times, you end up NOT listening because you think that you are not like them, and not everyone is capable of doing what others can do. You also say that it is easier said than done. These are sometimes the common reasons of people who have a very low self esteem. But really, we can only say that it is easier said than done, if we actually start trying it, otherwise you will never really know.

Attitude plays an important role in being positive. We all have the power to choose in every thing that we do. We can opt to stay happy, determined, confident, secured, and enjoy a happy and fruitful life, or the exact opposite. If you have a positive attitude, you will have an open mind and better control of yourself. If you can conquer a 10km run, a full marathon, and an exhaustive work out, then everything that you do becomes easy as you know how to deal with the struggle and pain of it.

Here are some things that can help us in staying/being positive;

1. Set your goals – important to have one as this drives you to become your best. Everything you do is aligned in achieving it.

2. Stay happy – a happy attitude sometimes change the way we handle challenges and obstacles.

3. Be prepared – in most cases, battles are won when you are prepared. You are equipped and in control of the situation. You can easily find solutions to obstacles and outright decision can be made. This help boost your confidence.

4. Understand your weakness – learn to face your weakness and find a way to overcome it. Believe that you will and can change it.

5. Lose weight – a healthy and lean body builds up confidence.

6. Stay away from negative environment – this is very contagious, stay with positive people and learn to influence others.

7. Project a positive aura – It has to manifest in you, always have that “can do” attitude.

8. Keep it cool, listen, and take action.

9. Learn to motivate self and other people.

10. Start running! – you will be surprised of how it changes your perspective.

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” ~Francesca Reigler

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cross Training

The Mizuno run was my first activity after my two weeks of absence in my run and bike training. It was a good run, however, this time I think I injured my right knee. I think I had this on my way down at the Kalayaan Bridge during the Mizuno run. Believing that it was just a sore muscle, I decided to cross train using my bike last Monday (June 8).

I was suppose to do a trail ride in the usual “upac” and “duck trail” in the morning, but since I will be riding alone, I decided not to and opt for the cardiac hill. Luckily, Runner45 (Mhel) and my bike buddies (Zaldy and Ed) planned to train at the cardiac hill in the afternoon and advised me to join them instead. It was raining that day, and I was thinking that they will not proceed but Zaldy confirmed that they will go if the rain stops. Luckily it stopped but it was dark at 4:30 pm.

I then got up and took my bike and ride from my house up the cardiac hill (5km). I was there ahead of them so I decided to traverse the other side of the hill, on my way back, I saw the guys arrived. I took a rest while Zaldy and Ed set up their bike and Mhel stretching preparing for his run. Then off we went to try the uphill climb which is a 1km ride. My knees were just fine and didn’t felt the pain.

This is the first time that I will get a time trial for this training. Will use these data as my benchmark and hopefully see improvements in my next try.

First 5km (house to hill) – 25:46.43
Trial 1 – 1km (uphill) - 7:58.90
Trial 2 – 1km (uphill) - 7:50.63
Trial 3 – 1km (uphill) - 7:57.42

It was good to cross train as I get to exercise without worrying about my knees. Biking definitely has less impact than running, but it helps me to be stronger when I do my biking especially on uphill. Good thing with biking, it helps me improve my endurance and stamina as well.

I tried to join Mhel in his last 200m of uphill run, but I just cant finish it to the top as I can feel the stress in my knees, but the short 200m was a good try. Hopefully someday I would be able to try running the hill as well.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mizuno Run

Finally! Im back and i get to participate in the Mizuno Infinity Run today. As always, mind is willing but this time body was not that ready. I was conscious this time and did not push myself too much. It was a good run for me, the only consolation was that i am still within my time finishing the 10k. I registered on site and thought i would run as a bandit, but luckily registration was still on. I was thinking if I will only run 5K, but decided to try 10k anyway. This time, i made sure that i am well hydrated.
My buddies improved their PRs today. Congratulations! It's good to see progress in every run. With proper training and discipline, you will surely hit your goal. I believe every runner always looks forward to their next run. There's no way to go but to improve each one's performance. But for me, im yet to improve my own PR. I'll get there, one stride at a time.
I was able to meet some of the guys, thanks to Mhel for introducing me and my buddies to the group. Was able to get photo with them.

More photos with my friends.

Me, Noemi, and Jay

Jay, Noemi, Brod, Ronald, Allan, Jojo, Me

Friday, June 5, 2009

All-Terrain Race

This got me excited! It would be a good experience to join both the running event and the bike race. Haven't joined a bike race, maybe a good opportunity for me to try. Will invite my running buddies as well as my bike buddies to join this event, it would be fun.

The thing is, i didn't have any training for the last two weeks, and im thinking if i should do it.. Nah, i guess it's all in the mind.. I just hope i get the right discipline for the next two weeks to prepare my body and mind.

But hey, not too fast... First and foremost, i need to get my clearance from my doc. Hopefully i get a go signal, then i will sign up for the mizuno run on sunday. I'll take it light and hope i get a good recovery.

I would not expect a PR on the all terrain trail run, but will definitely know how i would do with the rest of the bikers (hehe.. i just hope im not the last to arrive at the finish line). This will be a good experience and a chance to learn from it. I just hope that they open the trail for practice before the race so that I can get a feel of the trail.

Anyways, obviously im very excited to go back to my training. These sport (running and biking) is addictive. It keeps you fit and healthy (oh, but i did get sick, huh?, hehe..) Would you believe that i lost 7 lbs in 6 weeks, just by including running in my regimen? Yes, i did lost 7 lbs.. I remember reading "RodRunner's" blog, saying "You want to lose weight?" "TAKBO TAYO!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Can't Wait..

It's been two weeks since I was on sick bay, and yes, going on my third week without any running or biking. I' hope I get my clearance from my doctor on saturday when i see him. I'm supposed to join the Mizuno Run on sunday to improve my PR, but i guess I have to train again.

Likewise, I will be missing the MTB ride on saturday at the shotgun trail in marikina. Too bad, cause everyone will be there for the ride. It would be the second time that i will miss this trail. I guess, i will have to sit it out this weekend.

In the meantime, I will have to get a lot of rest and start revisiting my training program. I plan to do running on weekdays, at least 3 times a week, and biking on a saturday. One thing noticeable is that I have improved my biking when I started running. It was easier for me to climb uphill and felt that my lungs are more able sustain the long ride. It was a good cross training for me. But obviously, I have to start over again and that's why its important that I get the right training program for me. Likewise, it is also important to revisit my food intake to support my training. Would appreciate any suggestion from the experts on how you sustain your training program.

I can't wait to go out on the trail and start running and biking again. My shoes can't wait to stride with me, my bike can't wait to climb the hill and get dirty on the trail. I can't wait to use my new Garmin 405 who has been wanting to join me in my runs.. I just can't wait....