Monday, May 18, 2009

Down on sick bay

I guess i over did it. Yes, i was not feeling well since thursday, a day after a strenous work out in the gym. I was so hyped during the work out and felt i had so much in my tank which forced me to extend my workout (bad!). Not feeling well on a thursday and decided to go half day on a friday to rest.
Then saturday came, much awaited day as we are bound to try the bike trail at the Lamesa Eco Park. Wake up 4am, feeling better, however tummy was not doing well. Still went on as planned. My tummy was not cooperating and that made me worry. But thought gatorade will do the work for me to hydrate so I still continued as planned. I was excited with the ride as I heard that the single track was good and my Trance will definitely enjoy the ride. We unloaded the bikes, inspected it, and geared up. Then off we went to the trail.
The first 5 minutes was a very fast pace, going down and some short uphill, the adrenalin rush was so immediate. I was enjoying it, but felt that i dont have the usual power in me. As soon as we first stopped to rest, that's where i felt dizzy, felt blood rising on my head, and partially blacked out (i guess) cause i felt that i was asleep for a second there.. The guys immediately attended to me, handed me over energy bars and told me to walk and rest for awhile.. When i felt better, i decided to proceed, had 3 more stops and then i decided to call it off as i felt i cant make it.. after 7km of ride i went back to the base to rest. I was sad cause i was not able to explore the trail, but there's another time for it.. I should have not proceeded in the first place to think that i was not feeling well already.
As i went to the base, i saw runners there, who just finished their training. They were friendly and offered me banana and gatorade. Had a short chat, but i was really feeling dizzy.. They were preparing for the TNF run this weekend. Then another group of runners (i think more experienced) started to arrive one at a time.. They were likewise preparaing for the TNF 100. They all seem determined to conquer the race and have actually been preparing for it. Good luck to all runners who will join the TNF100.
As for me, have to learn from this again, though my mind is willing, my body needs more preparation. Need to take proper rest, load up before any activity, hydrate, eat the right diet, and get good amount of sleep. This should not stop me from continuing my training. I will have to be careful and plan well my training. Hopefully, i can share with you the trail experience in Lamesa Eco park next time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Business Leaders engaged in running

It has been a common knowledge that most businessmen and executives usually play golf as part of their stress relieving activity. This is a venue where business meetings are held, and business deals are closed. For some, it has been their way of exercise. Golf just like any other sport requires patience, skills, and discipline and it is a good sport as well.

However, I have noticed that young business leaders and executives in their mid 30’s to late 40’s are now engage in running and have included it in their daily routine. Have read an article last month re “How the CEO became and Ironman” featuring Mr. Wilfred Uytengsu of Alaska and is instrumental in bringing the Ironman 70.3 here in the Philippines which will commence in August this year. He has his own story to tell on how he prepared himself to be a triathlete. At 47, it is very inspiring to see how he managed to achieve his level of fitness. It simply shows, that age is not a hindrance as long as you stay fit and healthy. The Concepcion brothers, Ton and Patrick, have been into running for a long time and is instrumental in the Condura Run event. With their busy schedule at work, it doesn’t stop them to continue running and has been an inspiration also to old and new runners.

Just today, I have read in the inquirer lifestyle section that Lance Gokongwei is also into running. They were a partner in the Condura run where their beneficiary is Bantay Kalikasan. Good to see our business leaders sponsoring such events to be able to help others. He is now training for the New York Marathon in November.

Obviously, it helps leaders to be more effective at work as they have a clearer mind, more energy, and determined. Since running requires discipline, it manifest also on the way they manage their business. As they are competitive in sports, they are likewise competitive in their business. All problems, obstacles, or struggles in the company doesn’t stop them from being creative in finding solutions. If they can go an extra mile in running, they can go an extra mile at work.

Mike Dauden and myself both business unit leaders have engaged in running as well. Mike is engaged in boxing and body building, and have joined running as his cross training activity. I am into cycling, golf, and have engaged in running after the Condura run event. I am now more focused in running and cycling to help me reduce weight. I play golf to improve my patience and it is also relaxing after a very busy week at work plus the strenuous training activities. We both influence our respective teams by being positive at work and helped influence a good working environment. We are trying to invite our peers to join us in our activity, we join races now and has been the talk in the board room among managers/directors during our meetings. Hopefully, we can influence them. Our president (Jojo Concepcion) gave a challenge that all who run 10k in the condura run to run 21k next year, those in 5k to advance in 10k, those in 3k to advance in 5k, those who did not run, to join the 3k run. It was a good challenge and obviously Me and Mike is up to the challenge, the rest will have to give up smoking first then start running (hehehe).

Mike and myself after finishing the 10k run at PAA-TIBAYAN last sunday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

IRONMAN in the Philippines

As I was browsing the sports section of the online news today at, I happen to read the article of Anne Jambora dated May 5, 2009, entitled “Ironman comes to town”. It was good that for the first time, our country is hosting such a big event in the name of sports. This is a sport which I believe Filipinos can compete as it is a game of endurance, strength, and most of all discipline. By promoting such an event, it will encourage more athletes to understand and appreciate the sport. Not all including myself is aware of the details of preparation of such an exhaustive activity as well as the science behind this endurance sport.

Aside of promoting the sport, this will also help introduce our tourism since triathletes can explore the good places in our country.

It would be a great achievement to be able to participate in a triathlon and I hope to realize my plan of joining in the next 2-3 years (is that enough preparation?). But wait.. not too fast.. I’ll improve my PR in running and cycling first.. But, its best to set a goal and work on realizing it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday’s weather was weird, too hot in the morning and rain in the afternoon ‘till evening. I have wondered if it will stop before dawn breaks this morning, and yes! it did stop. So I woke up early as planned and get ready to participate in the PAA-TIBAYAN run sponsored by BOTAK held at the Fort. I was expecting a low attendance due to the bad weather, but surprisingly runners will always be runners and they will run rain or shine.

Running really does matter in whatever you do. You go out there with a plan, an objective and you prepare for it. You condition your mind and your body in order for you to be equipped during the event. I went to run with the simple objective of beating my own time (which was 71 min -10k during the Condura run), pretty slow! And yes, I was able to beat it with 67 min and 38 seconds without walking (finally!). Just a slight improvement but I’m happy with that, though I was hoping to beat my practice time of 63 min (but I guess I missed to count a lap, that’s why). I see this as an achievement cause my efforts paid off, and obviously this motivates me to practice more and hopefully I will be able to improve further in my next runs.

Anyways, here are some highlights of my run. Before the run started, there was confidence and optimism that a better time will be made today. Proper conditioning of the mind to be focused on the objective and believed that it can be done was a key factor in the preparation. Have managed to get a good sleep, woke up with a light feeling, very positive and determined. During the run, there were obstacles as my feet hurts, got concerned if there was something wrong with the way I run, or I was simply focusing on the pain. Have managed to re-focus myself in the run, my breathing, and started to pace myself. I have noticed that the pain was gone and said to myself that it’s just about focus. I had concentrated on my space and just run. I slowed down uphill the bridge going back and have thought of walking as fatigue starts to fall in, but had to remind myself of the objective otherwise, that’s it for me. So I jogged slowly until I was able to get more air and started to run again (obviously with my time, my run was a very slow pace). There was no marker (or I just didn’t noticed), and I find it hard to pace myself as I was not familiar with the place. Lesson learned: Need to be familiar with the route, try to run with the course if possible before the race.

It was a good run for me, will definitely practice more for my next run. One good thing is that I am not walking anymore during my laps; it’s a good sign of improvement. Small step is a start of a big stride later on. Always believe, and it will happen..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My first MTB trail

In February 2009, I finally got my Mountain Bike. It’s a 2009 Giant Trance X2. Have been planning to get a mountain bike since last year, but it was just not a priority for me. My friends were actually pushing me to join them in their ride but was not yet ready at that time. I was a biker since the BMX days, have lost one BMX and one mountain bike already. I hope this one doesn’t get lost now.

Like a kid who just got his new present, I immediately took a ride in the village to get acquainted with the bike. Had a few laps only as I don’t want to push myself as I have not exercised for a long time. There was a scheduled weekend ride and I was invited to join and was excited as I have been wanting to join them in the trails. Same as running, I haven’t ride a bike for a long time and there was no fitness for me since two years ago. So I told my friend that I might slow down the group, but no worries according to him since they will guide me along the way and adjust to my pace (not really).

I got excited the night before the weekend ride, had trouble sleeping again (I mistakenly drank coffee at 5pm that kept me wide awake till 1am). The following morning, woke up 5:30 am, took a shower, geared up, then rode from house to Paseo Sta Rosa (I live near the place) to meet the guys. Off we went to the Cardiac hill. First time I climbed the hill was thru a golf cart (the hill is between the south forbes golf course). Here I was halfway the climb.

I ended up walking as I ran out of air. I thought walking would be easy but it was also hard, so I stopped rested for a while and then started to ride until I finish the climb.

I have enjoyed the rough trail, especially the downhill, the adrenalin rush was just so amazing. It was a good ride, we finished at 12nn, and boy was I hungry! This would definitely be the start of my weekend ride. From here on, i was motivated to go back to fitness, started jogging at least once a week then ride on saturdays. As i mentioned in my previous blog, the Condura Run made me run more and now i started running on weekdays, and ride on saturdays.

At the trail..

Here are the guys, Leo, Luis, Egay, Bay, Ed, and Me..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My First 10k Run

Just want to share my first time to join a running event. I used to run at least 5 times a week, but that was two years ago. I have not really maintained a steady fitness program. As I mentioned in my welcome note, it has been an on and off thing. For once I weighed 204 lbs, and then started to realize that I don’t feel good. I was not comfortable with my weight so I decided to run and get a work out plan and managed to trim down to 175 lbs and felt good. However, I suddenly stopped running and going to the gym for a very personal reason.

Two years after, I found myself to be at 198 lbs, I feel heavy again. I’m always catching my breath every time I climbed the stairs or walk in an uphill road. I started going back to fitness by joining the mountain bike trails (see my post on my first MTB ride). Only fitness for me at that time is to ride every Saturday and I have my own struggles in keeping up the pace.

Then, one morning, an email in the office pop out addressed to all employees re the Condura Run, which was sponsored by our President’s brother (Ton Concepcion). Yes, I am connected with Concepcion Carrier Airconditioning Company managed by Raul Joseph Concepcion. First, I wanted to support the event for obvious reasons, secondly, I have never participated in a running event (except from my high school days), and I am excited to participate in one. Since I haven’t run for a long time, I decided to join the 5k run. One of my colleagues, Mike (a boxer and a body builder who has his own success story in fitness), will be running 10k so I figured, why not get a crack of the 10k and see for myself if I can finish it. I only have two weeks to prepare for the run, so I started running on weekdays. I have struggled to complete one lap in the village as I was gasping for air. But it did not stop me to continue. If I don’t prepare, then I will not achieve my goal.

I invited my best friend Jay Chavez, and he then invited his wife (Noemi) and office mates (Ronald and Allan) to join the Condura Run. I told Jay that I will be running the 10k to see if I can make it, and he then agreed to run 10k so that all of us can experience it. We both believe that if we don’t try, we will forever ask the question “What would it be like to run 10k?” Then two days before the race, I was able to complete a 10k run in the village (well, mostly jog and some walk). It took me 80 minutes to finish that run, don’t know really what time is acceptable for that distance though, but I used that as a benchmark to start improving.

A day before the race, Mike and I were still convincing some of our office mates to join the run. I’m happy that my team will be joining, some will run, others will cheer. It was indeed an exciting day for everyone, especially us who were first time to join the Condura run.

The day finally came, had to wake up early, drove from Laguna to the Fort. Jay texting me that they were at the site already (and im still at the expressway). As expected, there was a huge crowd, a lot of runners both professionals and newbies like me. It was a good site to see and that gets me motivated to run as I see a lot of runners taking time for such an event. Then it was time to run.. I ran at my slow pace trying to reserve my energy just to make sure that I will finish the race and not quit. In the beginning I felt pressure as a lot of runners keep on passing by me and kept me thinking that I might be the last person to arrive the finish line. But after 2k, I just concentrated on my running and focused on my objective. It doesn’t matter whether im fast or slow, the point is that I’m enjoying it and that I will not quit even if I had to walk all the way to the finish line. As the expert says, it’s a mental game, just like any other sports.

It was a good experience to join such an event, I managed to finish in 71 minutes better than the first run that I did. After the event, I started running again, and it has become a part of my routine. I joined my 2nd race which was the Greenfield run. I expect to join more races and hopefully improve my running skills further.


I have created this blog to share with you my journey to stay fit. I have been on and off in fitness and have not really achieved my goal as I always have an excuse of not completing my fitness activities. I do hope that by doing this, I will be able to focus and put discipline in my fitness program.

In this blog, I intend to create an environment where we can share experiences, success stories, and healthful tips. I will, in my own little way contribute in supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences as well.

Thank you.

Mark Salvador
“Knight Runner”