Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Run and Politics, Not a good match..

The running craze has been all over the place as we see races every sunday. Most of the run events are tied up with a worthy cause which was nice to see since we are able to help and contribute and at the same time enjoy running.

Today's event was unique as it was sponsored by one of the biggest TV network and a bit political as it was tied up with the Election of 2010. The theme of the event was "Hamon para sa kaayusan ng Pilipinas" (Challenge for a better Philippines). I have my apprehensions in joining this event from the start since I felt that it will all be just for publicity of the aspiring candidates for President and Vice president in the coming 2010 election. However, since our advocacy is to Run Against Corruption we decided to run in this event to advocate our cause. And also, as in any race, I intend to enjoy my run and hopefully get a better performance this time.

About the Race

There were more or less 5,000 in attendance and it appeared to be too crowded since aside from runners, there were also spectators in the area to view their favorite celebrities and politicians. I had to squeeze my way to go near the starting line and saw still a lot of runners trying to register 30 minutes before the race. At the starting line, runners were all ready to go and excited to run. Gun start was fired at 6:00am and both 5k and 10k had to start all at the same time. I was paced by Runnermhel and told him that I would be lucky if I hit sub-60 this time. Even in my practice runs, I was not able to hit sub-60 for a 10k run. I told him that he can go ahead if he gets bored with me because I have a very slow pace (6:30/min-7:30/min). He said it was ok, but his garmin was set to 5:45/min. Of course, it was expected that mhel will try to make me improve my run and so off we go. It was suprising that my 1st km pace was at 5:49/km. Mhel was definitely had a plan and I just kept on following him, on our way to our 2nd km, Mhel was ahead of me and was running side by side with i2runner (natz) as I approached them, I finally met Natz personally, we shook hands but no time to chat as I still have to chase Mhel who ran faster again the moment I was beside him already. I was able to hit 30 min for my first 5k split, I was definitely better than my usual time, but at this point I was tired already and not sure if I can keep up with Mhel. I was below my 6:30/km pace for the first 6k, and it started to go over it from 7th km down to the finish line. I ended up finishing 59:23.00 but at 9.38km only. The route was short by 0.62km based on my garmin. Most likely in a complete 10k, I might have finished it at 63 min. Still not meeting sub-60 but im satisfied with the result. Mhel was such a good pacer, he patiently and unselfishly waited for me everytime I slowed down and ran beside me until we reached the finish line. Thanks Mhel!

The race was too crowded, others stopped in the middle of the road to take their pictures. This event was not an ideal race obviously as it appeared to be just a segment of a TV show. In a real race event you dont see the crowd blocking the way of runners approaching the finish line. This was how it looked like at the finish line.

The Unity Walk

For non-runners, they find this so amusing to see these political hopefuls and even hear people chanting, ERAP! ERAP! That's why you see ERAP smiling to the crowd as they chant his name. Im not sure if they even walk a 100m on this one. They even pledged to have a clean and honest election. Whatever their cause maybe, I just hope that they were true to their word. You will obviously see questionable faces in here, as well as doubtful candidates.

Some photos after the race

Total Run Against Corruption for this event is 155 km.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gone Night Running

The urbanite run was definitely a good experience for most of us in GRC as it was our first night race. Likewise, more members took the 15k distance and im happy to see their progress. Also, we have new members who ran their first official race (Tiffany, Zelyn, and Perly) who ran their first 5k, (Darwin and Mark Hendrix) who ran 10km. And most of all, it was a memorable race for us since our very own Greg won the 2nd place at the 10k category.

Let me share some insights on this event.

Redemption of Race Kit

We have learned our lesson during the Run for Home event which was also organized by Finishline where I had some argument with one of the staff during the claiming of Marvin's race kit as he was not able to get it during the designated pick up time. This time, we made sure that everybody registered early so that there will be no last minute problems. However, there were still some glitches as we ended up going there twice to pick up our race kits. Since we are all from the South, one of us (Jojo) volunteered to get all our race kits last Thursday. Unfortunately, he was not able to get the rest since it was not yet available (that includes mine). The next day, Cherry went to claim the rest of the race kit, but without the singlets. We ended up getting the singlets on race day and guess what, I didnt get the right size as they ran out already. Not blaming the organizers, but i guess they have to learn from this as well and maybe put more attention to planning and improving their logistics. I believe they can better this in their next event.

Before the Race

Since most of us all live from the south (Laguna), we had to go early to avoid the traffic at the south expressway. I was a bit under the weather as I catched cold Thursday night and was feeling a bit dizzy. I was planning to leave my place at around 4pm to get some sleep and hopefully recover before the race. But got a text message from Cherry that traffic was bad so I had to get up and prepare. The rest of us (Jay, Jojo, Val, Darwin) were all caught in traffic and I think it took us 2.5 hours to get to the Fort. We all then meet up at the Fitness First area and did our preparation and stretching. The following were the race category of the group;

15k - Jay, Val, Kuya Erning, Gerry, Cherry, Noemi, and Marvin
10k - Mark, Greg, Vince, Jojo, Mark Hendrix, and Darwin
5k - Tiffany, Perly, and Zelyn

During the Race

There were a lot of runners participating in all categories. I must say that the event was well supported by the runners considering that it was also the first night run to be held this year. I was planning to make a PR in this event but i had to change plan since I was not feeling well. But the excitement was just off the hook, I was running at 6:00/min for my first 2km, but then again, I had to pace myself cause I knew I wont have enough gas to sustain. The route was difficult cause of the uphill, there were a lot of runners walking and that made me felt like walking as well. I got distracted by both runners overtaking me and those that were walking. I lost my focus for awhile there and it becomes so difficult to run. On my 7th km, it was difficult running uphill when suddenly a familiar voice said, "GO CHIEF!", it was my buddy Jay who was on his 12th km. I suddenly had my adrenalin pumping again and ran beside him, and then Val showed up in a minute and the three of us were running side by side for a while. Felt strong and they allowed me to go ahead (after all they ran 12km already, and its my 7th). I had to stop on the hydration station to refill. But this slowed me down and find it hard to catch up. Lessons learned, bring your own hydration pack. Greg, was just so strong that the only time I saw him was at the starting line and after that, off he went and finally winning 2nd place. I remember him promising the group that he will get a place in his race, and so he did. Congratulations Greg!

After the Race

As I reach the finish line, I tried to sprint my last 50m (hehe) taught of picking up the pace at my last 200m but legs just can't do it. I felt exhausted but was happy that I still managed to finish it at a reasonable time though not getting a new PR. As I went to our meeting place, there I saw Kay patiently waiting for the Knight. Always caring she offered me a drink and a hug. She told me that Greg was the first one to arrive from the group and that Greg won 2nd place. I was happy and congratulated Greg and so did the rest of the group. We waited for the rest to the finish line and then had our picture taken again. We then went to cheer Greg as he get his award! The group was very proud of him and he definitely motivates everyone to train further and enjoy running.

Overall I think it was a good race, had enough hydration station, markers, and marshalls in place. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of finishline for this event. I know in the future races, they will be able to improve further and give everyone a good running experience.

As for the group, aside from the support to Hands on Manila and 57-75 Movement, we all ran for our advocacy. Total Run Against Corruption in this event - 180km.

Some photos:

Everyone after the race

Cherry, Zelyn, Noemi, and Perly

Greg all smile with his accomplishment.

Congratulations Greg!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Night Run

Almost a month after my last race in the Run for Home sponsored by Globe and Ayala Land Inc., here's another much awaited event the Kenny's Open Urbanite run which will be held on Saturday (Aug 15). Proceeds will be donated to Hands On Manila and 57-75 movement. I was glad that I have recuperated with my ITB injury and was able to start running since last week. I am looking forward for a comfortable run this coming saturday and enjoy the event. I just hope to finish the race without any injury.

We in the Gone Running Club supports the cause of this event and I am glad to say that we were able to invite new friends who enjoys running to be part of the group and join the running events. As we support the Kenny's event, the group will also Run Against Corruption as part of our Advocacy. The runs that we made this week condemns the lavish dinner that was enjoyed by our political leaders, whom I believe should have been sensitive with the current situation in our Country.

The Kenny's Urbanite event would be a new experience for some runners including me as this will be a night race (most of the races are held in the morning of sundays). I have been running at nights this past week and I hope that helps with the night environment.

Good luck to all runners on saturday and thank you in advance for the organizers and sponsors of this event. Run safely!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Knight is Back!

A week after my last LSD run two weeks ago, I had to refrain from running and even biking for the whole week, I had to sideline myself and really avoid doing any strenuous leg exercises in order for me to recuperate. While I had a week of no training, I devoted most of my time studying and doing my research for my MBA class. I thought of doing weight training, but I suddenly felt so tired the moment I decided to stop my physical activities. I have been non-stop since February when I started biking and eventually running after the Condura Run, so why not give myself a break and get the rest I truly deserve. After all, I owe it to my body.

While recuperating, I have done most ITB stretching exercises in order to help relieve the pain. I have been applying hot compress to ease the pain quickly. One Saturday, I went to RUNNR store to have a Gait Analysis, and it turned out that I am an over pronator. Then as the staff was explaining to me, I learned that there are different types of shoes, there is the cushion shoes, stability shoes, and motion control shoes. I was advised to use a stability shoes. It was only then that I learned about different types of running shoes. Anyway, I ended up buying a new pair, unfortunately, I did not buy on the day that I went to RUNNR (sorry, but I vowed to go back and purchase at your store in the next weeks to come). I bought my shoes 3 days after at New Balance store in Festival Mall in Alabang, I got the NB 1224 stability shoes, and yes, I have used it already.

This week's run

I started to run Sunday afternoon last week, took a 6km distance with very slow pace inside the village and good thing there was no pain in my right knee. I felt that pushing it further would not do me any good. Then Tuesday, I started to break in my new shoes, took a lot of stretching before running just to make sure that I dont feel any pain. After 6km, knee feels ok and my breathing was fine, so i decided to ran further and I ended up completing a 10km run! Feels good again, and at this point I knew that i can get back to my training plan.

Come Wednesday, as most runners did, (where they offered a run to bid farewell to our former President Cory), I myself had my own contribution by running in our village. I scheduled an afternoon run but I had to wait for the rain to stop. Surprisingly, I did another pain free 10k run. It was rest day on Thursday, and took another 6k run on Friday.

Finally, today was another scheduled LSD run for the Gone Running Club, I am scheduled to run 15k. We assembled 5am and took the usual route from Paseo Sta Rosa - Nuvali - Lasalle - Paseo to complete the 15k run. As we took off, I was surprised with the fast pace of Jay, Val, Kuya Erning, and Vince. I was running behind the pack at take off, but I had to slow down as I can't run at their pace, As planned, I took a slow pace and still mindful of my knee. I havent completed this 15k route since we started our sunday runs because of my injury. But I was confident that I can finish it today since the weekday runs were all good. It was a great run, the weather was good, and I was enjoying it. The best part of my run was at my 11th km, I was running at 6:15km/min, (must have been my second wind). Well for my speed, that was fast already, I hope to improve further in the next weeks to come (no need to rush!). On the 12th km onwards, pace was steady at 7:00k/min. I ended up finishing 16k today and this was the farthest distance that I have ever ran. I guess Im back, and I do wish that the succeeding runs will be injury free!

Keep on Running!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Farewell Tita Cory

Today, the nation brings Tita Cory to her final rest. Much has been said about our former President. How she has unselfishly offered herself to serve the country with undying devotion and commitment. She has shown true leadership with utmost integrity and honor. I give my respect and honor to you Tita Cory. As a way of honoring you, i will be running today as a sign of my gratitude to what you have done for the Country and the Filipino people.

She has been a true mother of her kids and a mother of the Filipino people. Indeed true leadership began at home. A simple person who has a strong family value has lead Tita Cory to lead our Country. Let me share with you today's leadership lesson from the book of John Maxwell's Leadership (promises for everyday), which i find relevant on the leadership trait of our former president. Here it goes:


"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorities in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." - Joshua 24:15

"As a Leader, where should your influence begin? A good answer can be drawn for the life of Joshua. For him - as for other leaders wanting to make an impact beyond their lifetimes - it began at home. Before anything else, Joshua took responsibility for the spiritual life of his family. Joshua's leadership of his family was more important than his leadership of country. It may sound ironic, but when leaders put their families first, the community benefits. When leaders put the community first, both their families and the community suffer. Starting at home is always the key to affecting others in a positive way. Because Joshua had his priorities right and had led his household well, he gained credibility to lead the entire house of Israel.

If you have a family, put them first in your leadership. There's no legacy like that of the positive influence leaders can exercise with their family." - JOHN C. MAXWELL

May you rest in peace and your leagacy lives on. Thank you Tita Cory. Farewell..