Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4 Training Recap

It was an exhausting weekend and I felt so tired and sleepy after two consecutive days of long ride and long run. I guess I need to look at my nutrition and vitamin supplements. Last week, I have increased my run mileage as planned, did a total of 58 km. I was happy to have followed the distance as per my plan. Also, I was able to do a test ride on my newly acquired road bike (second hand) and did a 50km time trial.

Below was my running workout, I have been running 10k’s in 4 consecutive days. Waking up in the morning has been so difficult last week due to the cold weather. But I needed to remind myself of the Condura Run (where I hope to do a new PR for my 21k run), and not to waste the effort I did in building up my mileage. I was happy with the result last week as I was able to again improve my time for 10k at 1:03:15, this is my current PR for this distance. Hopefully, I get to improve this week. I am close to sub-60 mark.

Date / Distance / Time / Pace / Remarks

Jan 19 / 10 / 1:09:47 / 6:58 / Recovery Run
Jan 20 / 10 / 1:06:57 / 6:41 / Easy Run
Jan 21 / 10 / 1:03:15 / 6:19 / Tempo Run
Jan 22 / 10 / 1:04:40 / 6:28 / Easy Run
Jan 24 / 18.5 / 2:04:37 / 6:51 / LSD

I did my long distance run yesterday with fellow Gone Running Club runners. We planned to use the Paseo – Nuvali Road –Cangolf and back. Unfortunately, as I was about to unload the hydration at the guard house, the guard told me that it was prohibited to run along Nuvali road as mandated by the management (I guess for the safety of the runners). Runners are allowed only to run at the lakeside area, but bikers are still allowed. I will have to coordinate with Nuvali management to clarify this mandate. Anyway, we ended up going to the Paseo-Lasalle-Verdana Route but we were not allowed to enter the second gate going in to Verdana-Greenfield road. So we headed back and use alternative routes since there are many options anyway in the area. It was a good run, I only had brief walk breaks. I hope to improve next week as I felt so tired in the last 3km stretch.

As for biking, I felt a totally different handling on the road bike vs mountain bike. Obviously it was lighter and helped to add more speed. I did a 50km ride with an average speed of 24kph, way off the mark of the elite riders that was training at that time, they were riding at an average of 35-40kph. I needed more leg power to increase the speed, my heart rate was at 80% only and my legs can’t keep up. In time, I'll be able to catch up with the pack. Another week of training, let’s see what happens.

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