Monday, January 11, 2010

Mileage Build Up

Last week was my 3rd straight week of training without getting any new injury, though I still am suffering from a hamstring tendonitis which was the last injury I had after my first Marathon in November last year. Good thing I didn’t felt much pain during my run and it’s slowly getting better. I was given medication by my doc last week, hopefully it gets better soon. Meanwhile, I have to do some leg strength training to stabilize my run further.

So far, I was able to log good run mileage. Two weeks ago I had a total of 57 km , and last week was at 52 km, plus a 25km ride. You can view my training log at dailymile . Here are some highlights of my run last week.

1. I mostly did easy runs to build up on my mileage. Taking it one day at a time, hopefully I get to improve my pace as I move along. Tried to do some speed work, but I’m still protecting my hamstring injury, so I declined and instead to a steady pace.

2. It was my 3rd straight training last week without any injury (last year my training was always cut to 2 weeks straight due to injury).

3. Running has become a habit already, there was a time that I have this urge to run in the middle of the day while at work. Crazy huh? Well, I ended up running in our village after work.

4. Last Saturday, I did a 5km run and then proceeded with a 25km ride using my mountain bike. Hopefully I get to train using a road bike soon.

5. I did my long run in UP Los Banos (my hometown), had lunch at my sister’s house to celebrate my niece’s bday. My parents were there also, and we all had a good chat. Then went to do my long run in the afternoon inside the UP campus. I finished 16km with a steady pace of 7:00 min/km.

Feels good to be consistent in my runs, I have learned that building up mileage and being consistent is key to better performance. I hope to maintain my target mileage and to have a better performance this week.


  1. That's true Mark, a higher base mileage will always equate into a better performance, at least from a cardio perspective :)Good luck and am glad your injury has healed already!

  2. Thanks Luis.. Hopefully I can do some speedwork, im still taking it slow until I fully recover. Have learned from last year's mistakes. Hopefully I dont get injured this year.