Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Can't Wait..

It's been two weeks since I was on sick bay, and yes, going on my third week without any running or biking. I' hope I get my clearance from my doctor on saturday when i see him. I'm supposed to join the Mizuno Run on sunday to improve my PR, but i guess I have to train again.

Likewise, I will be missing the MTB ride on saturday at the shotgun trail in marikina. Too bad, cause everyone will be there for the ride. It would be the second time that i will miss this trail. I guess, i will have to sit it out this weekend.

In the meantime, I will have to get a lot of rest and start revisiting my training program. I plan to do running on weekdays, at least 3 times a week, and biking on a saturday. One thing noticeable is that I have improved my biking when I started running. It was easier for me to climb uphill and felt that my lungs are more able sustain the long ride. It was a good cross training for me. But obviously, I have to start over again and that's why its important that I get the right training program for me. Likewise, it is also important to revisit my food intake to support my training. Would appreciate any suggestion from the experts on how you sustain your training program.

I can't wait to go out on the trail and start running and biking again. My shoes can't wait to stride with me, my bike can't wait to climb the hill and get dirty on the trail. I can't wait to use my new Garmin 405 who has been wanting to join me in my runs.. I just can't wait....


  1. Bro get well soon. I told you lets run and train together soon. When you're up and ready to fire lets go rock and roll hahahaha..

    I was too busy the last 2 weeks and havent run too. I just had a bike ride with Zaldy last week.

    See you bro

  2. thanks man! im conditioning myself that i can run on sunday.. hehe.. hopefully..

  3. Hope you feel better soon man. See you at the races! Just make sure you are 100% before going back. Take it easy!


  4. Thanks Luis,

    Hope to meet you soon.. I will include you in my blog list.