Monday, May 18, 2009

Down on sick bay

I guess i over did it. Yes, i was not feeling well since thursday, a day after a strenous work out in the gym. I was so hyped during the work out and felt i had so much in my tank which forced me to extend my workout (bad!). Not feeling well on a thursday and decided to go half day on a friday to rest.
Then saturday came, much awaited day as we are bound to try the bike trail at the Lamesa Eco Park. Wake up 4am, feeling better, however tummy was not doing well. Still went on as planned. My tummy was not cooperating and that made me worry. But thought gatorade will do the work for me to hydrate so I still continued as planned. I was excited with the ride as I heard that the single track was good and my Trance will definitely enjoy the ride. We unloaded the bikes, inspected it, and geared up. Then off we went to the trail.
The first 5 minutes was a very fast pace, going down and some short uphill, the adrenalin rush was so immediate. I was enjoying it, but felt that i dont have the usual power in me. As soon as we first stopped to rest, that's where i felt dizzy, felt blood rising on my head, and partially blacked out (i guess) cause i felt that i was asleep for a second there.. The guys immediately attended to me, handed me over energy bars and told me to walk and rest for awhile.. When i felt better, i decided to proceed, had 3 more stops and then i decided to call it off as i felt i cant make it.. after 7km of ride i went back to the base to rest. I was sad cause i was not able to explore the trail, but there's another time for it.. I should have not proceeded in the first place to think that i was not feeling well already.
As i went to the base, i saw runners there, who just finished their training. They were friendly and offered me banana and gatorade. Had a short chat, but i was really feeling dizzy.. They were preparing for the TNF run this weekend. Then another group of runners (i think more experienced) started to arrive one at a time.. They were likewise preparaing for the TNF 100. They all seem determined to conquer the race and have actually been preparing for it. Good luck to all runners who will join the TNF100.
As for me, have to learn from this again, though my mind is willing, my body needs more preparation. Need to take proper rest, load up before any activity, hydrate, eat the right diet, and get good amount of sleep. This should not stop me from continuing my training. I will have to be careful and plan well my training. Hopefully, i can share with you the trail experience in Lamesa Eco park next time.

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