Monday, October 5, 2009

Here I Go Again

It has been a very frustrating and depressing week for all as we experience the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. We have in our own little way contributed in supporting the victims through donations, volunteerism, and setting up of fund raising events. No matter how big or small your contributions are, it is well appreciated by our brothers and sisters. Let us be thankful that we are blessed as we have become a blessing to others.

On the running side of things, it has been frustrating for me as here I am about to tell you that I have been logging slow mileage in the past two weeks (12km a week after Ayala Eco Dash, and 10.8 km last week). And why? it's because of an ITBS on my left knee. Again?!? Yes, again, I had this on my right knee and now its my left knee's turn. After the Ayala Eco Dash event, I was hoping that the pain will not continue, but unfortunately, I felt the pain to aggravate when I did my easy run 2 days after the event. I had to cut short my run and did not push thru with my training plan. Hoping that it was better last week, I tried to do a very slow pace at 8:10 min/km but I can feel that my knee is not ready as I can feel pain starting to build up as I reach the 4 km mark. Rested on Wednesday and Thursday last week and did a slow pace again on a Friday, but same thing, knees are not ready. Rested last Saturday and did a cross training on my bike Sunday, and no success at all since I can feel pain in my hips down to my knee. I had again to cut short my ride and joined my running buddies for breakfast at Paseo Sta Rosa since they just finished the scheduled LSD run that day.

I can chose not to post this as it becomes so embarassing on my part already. But I guess I just have to post it so that I can be reminded again of this experience, and that other newbies learn from this. The following are potential causes of my injury (then again, could be the real causes of it).

1. Running too long /fast too soon - yes I was guilty of this, in the beginning, I was so hyped and impatient that I had to increase my mileage and speed sooner than required. I actually tried to increase my mileage more than 1o% per week.

2. After being on sick bay for a week with no base run, I joined a race (Mizuno Run) and I did run too fast too soon (at least for my pace).

3. I was an overpronator as checked in Runnr store where I had it analyzed. I was advised to buy a stability shoes, and so did I.

4. Running downhill too fast I thought was a good idea, but when you are coming from a no run week, refrain from doing it as you become more prone to injury.

5. I guess this time I had the same mistake as I was guilty of item 2. I only had 6km a week before the race and there I was conquering my first half marathon. I did finish and most runners that commented said that it was a good finish for my first try.

6. Impatience - this is one thing that newbie runners are prone to (maybe not).

7. Lack of stretching exercises - there were times that I come to a race just in a nick of time and find myself not stretching properly.

8. Weight - I am currently 16lbs heavier based on my height. I used to be 26lbs heavier before I started running in March. This has a factor right?

This is my 3rd week and I hope I can start running again, Im doing my ITB stretching exercises and also went to the unconventional solution (hilot) as described by i2runner. I hope I can recuperate fast as I am getting so frustrated and depressed already. Feel free to suggest and a bit of motivation will surely help.

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