Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's always nice to see an individual who have set a goal for himself and able to achieve it. In the world of sports, there are a lot of success stories and a lot of frustrations. Let me share with you the transformation of my friend (Mike Dauden, his before and after photo on the left) and how he was able to reach a certain level of his goal. He has become an inspiration to his fellow athlete and has simply showed that anything is possible. I have sort of interviewed him with the intention of sharing with all how he managed to transform.

1. What made you decide to enter into fitness?

I unintentionally saw a reflection of myself in the mirror with my shirt off while on a drinking spree in Puerto Galera in the summer of 2008. I thought to myself at first, the nerve of that guy drinking with his shirt off when he is so out of shape. Who does he think he is? Turns out it was me. I promised to come back next summer with a vengeance which I did and of course – with my shirt off.

2. What fitness regimen are you into?

I box every morning and work out in the gym every night. On weekends, I join the 2-hr public aerobics at Harbor Square in CCP Complex.

3. What is your typical daily routine?

Wake up 5:30am, watch Enjoy Everyday Life by Joyce Meyer on NBN, read my bible by 6am, Elorde by 6:30am, 10 rounds of mits, 12 rounds of other boxing drills, abdominal work at the end. I am at the office at around 9am and work till 6PM. Then I proceed to Gold’s Alabang and start at 7PM till 9PM. I train one body part per day so I can go all out. I normally do 10 reps for 5 sets for each exercise so roughly 35 to 40 sets per workout.

4. You obviously have your diet plan, care to share?

I only eat what’s in my lunch box and all my 7 to 8 meals are in there. Oatmeal, whole boiled eggs, canned tuna, broccoli, green peas, protein shakes, bananas are my main staples. I supplement with Tribulus Terrestris for Testosterone, Muscle Juice Gainer for my protein and muscle growth, Creatine for strength and lots of energy boosters mainly containing caffeine such as JetFuel, C4, Cobra and others.

5. What motivates you to achieve your goal?

The impact I make on others. The more I improve, the more I inspire so in the end, I do not do it for myself but also for others. That makes it a win-win.

6. How do you cope up with pain or struggles during your training? Was there a point that you wanted to give up?

I happen to enjoy my training so I never got to a point where I considered giving up. On the contrary, I ask myself if I am doing enough.

7. How do you balance your work in the office and work in the gym?

I do my workouts before and after office so there is never a conflict. If I have an early meeting, at least I have an evening workout. If I have a dinner appointment, at least I have already worked out in the morning. There is never an excuse not to pursue your passion.

8. Anything you want to share to everyone who wants to get fit?

Transformation begins from within. We have to want it bad enough and to want it bad enough, we need a compelling reason to do so. If you don’t know what that reason is yet, ask God. He will enlighten you and give purpose to your life. You will get clarity and all of a sudden things fall into place unlike before. God is my Transformer and because of Him, I can transform myself and transform others as well. If you notice the logo of the gym starts with a cross. That’s because without God, there can be no real transformation.

Regardless of what sports you are into, it only tells us that if we put our mind into what we do and set a goal, we will be able to achieve it. Discipline and positive attitude is important if we want to reach the next level of our fitness. Stay Healthy!

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